Be Diffferent

     For me Fall is a season that I associate with a copious amount of emotions. It's hard for me to decide on if its my favorite season or not. Halloween and Thanksgiving are some of the best holidays throughout the year. Not only is Thanksgiving a time of eating amazing food in the company of your family, but it brings people that are normally worlds apart back into one single room. We all have our own little world with us in it and our own issues and problems we must overcome. But what if it wasn't like that?

     What if we all focused on the same issues and problems and tried to overcome issues together rather than apart? I'm not sure if I would like or not. See the way the world is is what makes it so beautiful and unique. Altering it so that we all had to focus on one problem rather than many would take away what makes us who we are. 

      That's what is so beautiful about Fall. The trees that you see outside your window are changing colors. Different colors depending on the kind of tree it is. It's because they are different that they are beautiful. If everything was exactly the same all the time your world would be bland and boring. But it's variety and people are willing to show their own colors that make the world such a great place. 

      Society tells us to be different, but at the same time it tells us to be the same. A lot of us get criticized because we are different than the rest. It's because people are afraid of change. They are afraid of the change that you will bring into the world. Don't let this stop you. Be who your heart tells you to be and not what society tells you. If we listened to society we'd all be plain. So bring out your colors and change the way the world looks. We have one life that we know of so you might as well make it bright.

I hope you enjoy the photos above! I took those over the past week! Thank you for reading and I'll see you in a week!