Ashamed To Be Human

As I was driving home from work today I started thinking how emotions make us human. I was listening to a twenty one pilots song, "March To The Sea",  when the lyric "Heaven forbid they see you cry, as we all fall in line.", came on and I immediately taken deep in thought. My interpretation of this song is society wants us to conform. Being different is out of the way question and showing that you are human and "crying" is a sign of weakness. 

That deeply upsets me. Showing our emotions. Showing that we feel pain and happiness just like everyone else is what connects us all. That's what is beautiful about technology these days. Sharing how we feel and think is easier than ever before yet for being so connected we're also disconnected at the want time. 

I was one of the last generations that didn't completely rely on technology. And now watching my nieces and nephews grow up in this world where if you don't have a cell phone then you're looked down upon. The truth is we all make mistakes. It is what makes us who we are. There's no such thing as the perfect human and if you find one well they are fake. Our flaws are what make us different and if you read my last blog then you should know that being different is definitely better than conforming.

Our individuality and mistakes define who we are. We can either choose to live by the mistakes or learn from them. For me I'm constantly trying to improve myself and I know I will make errors on my path.  I feel like society is stressing out the younger generation by trying to be perfect. Perfection doesn't exist. We can strive for it but it doesn't mean we'll ever get there. Perfection to me is the best that you can do or being the best that you can be. I know how hard it is to find your niche in life and I'll be honest life is hard and it doesn't get easier. I see how bad things are and I want to fix it and be better than the problems they show us on tv. I realized I shouldn't be scared of death. I'm more scared of not leaving my mark on the world than actually dying. I want to show people life isn't as bad as society makes it out to be. That's my dream. That's my goal and I can't stop until I reach it.  My advice to you is the find what ignites your fire in this life and don't let it burn out no matter how hard the wind blows.


As always thank you for reading! My name is Tyler and I'll see you next time!