When you see a glass of water and half of it is no longer there, do you see it as half-full or half empty? It all really comes down to your perspective on life. As a college student I'm fortunate enough to be around people who have the same goal as I. Acquiring our degree. What astonishes me is the diversity of people and how they all can have different past events defining us yet we all end up in the same classroom. My girlfriend and I are fortunate to have the same mindset yet we grew up in completely different areas and obviously had different parents. (It's Ohio, it's not that far south) . It's amazing really.

As I continue to make more and more friends. Some from opposite ends of the money spectrum. Some poor some rich. What I found out is the people that I know have a lot of money can be just as unhappy as somebody who has nothing. Money doesn't buy happiness I guess you could say. Having things doesn't always make life better. I think it's a common misconception about how society has to be, because we don't need objects to be happy. Some of us just need some love and attention.

No matter where someone comes from I think it's imperative that we stop ourselves from judging and focus more on learning from them. We have all experienced something different and it never hurts to learn something. Unless it comes from high school or college, in that case learning does hurt and you might be mentally scarred for life. But I digress. 

Your perspective on life is one of the key characteristics that make up the person that is you. Make sure not to lose your individuality. Society wants us to be different and the same and it's easy to get confused. It can be like a girl on her period. First she says yes, then she says no. Just follow your heart and I promise it'll lead you to happiness. (At least most of the time)

I hope you enjoyed my blog! My name is Tyler and I just started blogging this year! If you liked it make sure to share it! As always thanks for reading!