Money + Latest Photoshoot

So lately I've been thinking about money a lot.  In my life I've had friends with money and friends that don't really have that much. What I've realized is that regardless of how much or how little of money they have, they are still unhappy. People who worry about obtaining money all the time are normally unhappy from what I can tell at least. Most problems in relationships are caused a money related issue. In fact in our generation money is basically used to represent somebody is better than others and that's not the truth a lot of the time. Just because you don't have a lot of money in the bank doesn't mean you aren't a good person, it just means your priorities are else where. 

For the most part we are all on a quest to obtain money. It is needed to live in this day and age but that still doesn't change the fact that a piece of paper determines on if people are happy or not. At our core all of us want one common thing, to be happy and that green piece of paper, depending on how much you have of it, determines on if you live happy or die. In my eyes that isn't okay.

It's not okay that our government is corrupt and filled with people who are power thirsty. 

It's not okay that people are starving and dying for food probably less than a mile from my house while the fat cats in Washington take baths full of cash.

It's not okay.

Happiness isn't what you have. It's your perspective on life, but so many people are fueled by greed that can't see that. Let me know what you think in the comments below and also check out my latest photos beneath this paragraph and tell me what you think. 

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