Winter Is Around The Corner

The leaves have all fallen off the trees marking a new season is right around the corner. Thanksgiving will soon have us full of food and getting irritated at our family members. It's honestly my favorite time of the year, especially as a college student because that means we're almost done with the semester! (Thank god) Yet it's almost bittersweet now that I'm older.

When I was a kid Christmas and Thanksgiving felt magical in a sense. I look back on those memories so excited for Santa and for receiving gifts from my parents.  But now that I'm older I see how much went into making me have great holidays.  I was lucky, my parents always made sure I was a happy kid, but I can't help but think of those who had a troubling childhood and couldn't get what they wanted.

Eventually when I have kids some day I want to make sure that their childhood is a magical as a Disney movie. Speaking of Disney I saw a post on Facebook stating how Disney changed fairy-tales from being so disturbing to something that kids could enjoy. The original Hunchback of Notre Dame for example had Esmeralda hung and Quasimodo pushed the villain, Frollo off a ledge, killing him.  Quasimodo finds Esmeralda's grave and holds onto her body until he dies from starvation. Two years later someone tries to pull their bodies apart and their bodies crumble to dust. Opposed to the Disney version where everyone lives happily ever after. Personally I'm glad that Disney changed them because it made my childhood magical.  I don't think I would have been able to comprehend something like the dark version anyways. Instead of going home happy I would have been in tears.

Everyone deserves to feel that magical feeling that a Disney movie gives you. Sometimes that feeling is expressed when you find someone you love and bond with. Speaking of love here are some couple photos I took last Thursday! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Now if you will excuse me Fallout 4 comes out at midnight and I need to mentally prepare myself!

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