The Best Time Of The Year


Ever since I was a little kid Christmas was my favorite holiday. There was something so magical about waking up on Christmas morning and heading downstairs to see what presents Santa and my parents had for me under the tree. 

As I grew older the holiday lost its magic feeling. You start to realize how much work went into making that holiday feel magical as a kid. How much work your parents had to do in order to achieve your happiness and make your dreams come true.

Looking back on those memories I realize how fortunate I was to experience those days when I was young. I hope that one day when I choose to have kids that I am able to bake their childhood as magical as my parents made mine. 

I believe that a kid's childhood is the foundation for the kind of person they will grow to be. I can't tell the future. And I know I will make mistakes but I want to give them the best memories I can, because my parents gave me what they could, and I'm not so bad now am I?



I hope everyone that reads this has a great holiday season! More photos will be uploaded soon and I'll see you all in 2016!