A Year Changes A Lot

I've seen a lot change in the last year. I've seen friends of mine getting their lives completely flipped turned upside down like a 90's television show.  For those of you wondering who is writing this, it's me Tyler Wise. No need to call me Mr. Wise or anything along those lines. I'm one of you. My goal with this blog is for you to feel as if you have a personal bond with me. Even if you live across the country or you are even in another country.  Just a 21 year old laying in his car waiting for his next class to start so that he can go home repeat the same process the next week. 

Currently I'm in college for business administration. I love it a lot more than high school. There's no drama but I also feel less connection with a lot of people. In high school you knew everything about everybody and you felt connected to their lives. But in college you can start a class as a stranger and end it being a stranger and life goes on. 


I I find that writing blog posts clears my mind. It makes me think clearer about what I'm doing with my life and I also don't feel restricted with what I can choose to talk about.   I'm hoping to take more photos soon and so there will be more on the website soon. I hope for those that are reading this that you enjoy the photography and website. 


Anyways any any suggestions and comments are always lovely and I hope to hear from you!  


Spread the good vibes and Happy Earth day!