Getting Too Comfortable

Perhaps we all crave being somewhat miserable. At least to an extent. Now before you go ahead and think I'm nuts. (I might be a little, but that's besides the point.) Hear me out. 

A friend of mine and me were taking today and we realized we had the same viewpoint on couples that eventually get too comfortable with each other and let themselves go. Around where I live it's quite clear that this happens often, and maybe some of you that read this have noticed that a lot of couples after a couple years begin to gain weight or stop dressing up and trying for their significant other.  


After being in a couple relationships I've noticed that I have done the same thing. After I have the girl I wanted to be with and I'm happy I let myself fade away and stop trying because I'm so comfortable that I feel as if it doesn't matter what I look like or do, because that person will always be there for me because they love me. 

I've come to realize that's not true. The love part maybe. But how you treat and present yourself does continue to matter years after you have been with the one you love.

You should never stop trying to win them over because if you don't they will find what you are no longer doing with somebody else.

That might not be what people want to hear but more than often it is true. Cheating happens. As upsetting as that is we can prevent it by never stopping our effort to being a better person. Not only for them. But for yourself.  


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