Ever since I was little I was always fascinated by thunderstorms. I remember sitting outside on my porch with my mom and embracing the sound of the pouring rain attacking my eardrums. In fact my fascination with nature and the environment is still pretty prominent. I used to hate going outside when I was really little but as I continued to grow I'm become more fond of it.



When I was first born my dad moved me to a country area. My mom told me it was because he wanted me to become in touch with nature or something cheesy like that. It's also the place I used to watch thunderstorms, and began to love them. 


I understand now his reasoning for wanting me to experience nature. Since I live in the city now it's just not quite the same as hearing all the animals at night and not dealing with sirens or cars passing constantly.  



It's also because of living in the country that I'm very afraid of bees. Growing up I was stung a lot by them so I guess I have a fear of them now. It's crazy how things that happened so long ago will carry with you your whole life. No I'm not allergic to bees, I just have a fear of being stung. Silly but I feel as though I can't help it. 


Fear is an interesting emotion though. I feel like it helps in certain situations but makes most of them a lot more stressful or harder than they have to be.  When it comes to fear one quote always comes to mind, it's one from the Coldplay song "Fix You". "If you never try, you'll never know." I think that being fearful holds us back from a lot in our lives. Especially the fear of failing. But the most successful people have failed many times before they were successful.  


Or being fearful of trying something new. I've always wanted to go sky diving. But I've always thought oh well what if the parachute doesn't work? But if we all lived our lives by what could happen we wouldn't be living. We'd never leave our house. We'd never talk to anybody new. We'd live the same miserable life every day and nobody wants that.  


So go out there and face your fears because you're not really living until you do.