As I've grown up from my adolescence one quote that continues to resonate in my mind would be, "Actions speak louder than words." I didn't realize how true that quote actually was when I first heard it probably over a decade ago. But with the events that happen in my life I've realized that just because somebody says something doesn't mean that they mean it. Now I'm sure you're thinking "Well duh Tyler that's a fairly obvious statement." But nothing will beat the pain that you feel when you first learn you can be deceived by somebody's words. 


The fact is people do it all the time. And I feel like I've lost a lot of friends these last couple years because of this. Lost my trust in more than I woul want to count. But I have learned to put the trust in myself and realize that all I need is myself. In fact people will always let you down so that's why I believe that you should do your best not to let yourself down. What you say about yourself and do for yourself is more important than whatever society tell you is right. If you are happy for instance and society says you're stupid for doing what makes you happy then you need to learn to tone out what they say. I've had this in a personal encounter lately but honestly if somebody is happy why couldn't you just be happy for them rather than tear them down? 


The conclusion I've come to is that people hate to see others happier then they are. So in order for them to cope with it they try to bring them down to their level. I believe this to be a reason for a lot of bullying that goes on. I feel like if we took the time to understand those who bully rather than hate them then we all would be a little happier.

Happiness is what we all strive for. No matter what the environment is around us like happiness comes from within. But it doesn't mean we all couldn't use some help and understanding to get them back on track. 


Make somebody's day. Don't tear them down.