In The Dark

How do I put this bluntly, life isn't fair. But just because that is true doesn't mean it's all bad. Life has to do a lot with luck. Some of us are blessed with having good luck and some have terrible luck. I have been fortunate enough to have good luck for the most part. 

I used to believe that luck was something we could alter. But as I continue to grow as a person it seems that no matter what you do it can all go down the drain in a matter of seconds.  


I don't mean to be a Debby Downer but this is what I have observed in my twenty one years on this spinning ball of dirt and water.  

Optimism is what seems to thrive in those times of bad luck. The idea that it'll all work out even when it doesn't seem like it will. 

All of my friends call me an optimist but sometimes I think I'm a bit blind when it comes to things. I feel like I would rather look at the best outcome even when it's not realistic at all.

This concept has carried into relationships for better or for worse. I think I've told myself before that everything will be okay when it clearly wasn't. And so instead of coming face to face with reality I was happy with the illusion that I was happy. I started to believe what I wanted to rather than what was real. I think this happens often in relationships when somebody doesn't want to lose their significant other and therefore clings to the happy things rather than facing the truth they weren't being treated the best they could be. 


I've gotten out of this funk but it always upsets me when I see others fall into the same mess that I did. Sometimes you need to get to your lowest point to realize what you actually deserve.