My friend Devin said I should write a blog post about something controversial so I've decided to write about the Government, Baltimore, and society as a whole from the viewpoint of a twenty one year old.

No matter where I'm at there always seems to be somebody complaining about how the world is and how the United States is handling our issues.  While at times the United States can be a lot to handle, those who live here are fortunate compared to a lot of the other countries in the world right now. But aside from that I believe there is plenty of corruption in our government. Corporations paying the people we have voted into office off so that they can do wear they want with their business and make as much profit as they possibly can. 

And the sad thing is is that even those people we elected in that had good intentions of changing the world will be confronted by those with a lot more power and money. They will eventually give into those with power and the rich get richer. Nothing changes no matter who we vote for.

As for the Baltimore riots, race is still a issue. I don't think there's much we can do besides grow as a society together and overcome it with time. Corruption made itself apparent with the riots. From what I heard the man that was killed, (I say killed because it was a homicide) they arrested him and at that time there was no injuries to him. But the police made two other stops and by the time the police has arrived at the station, Freddie Gray, had received spinal injuries and died shortly after. When I first heard about that I thought it was super sketchy. And while I don't agree with the riots, I believe that some sort of action was needed after the community of Baltimore heard about what happened to Freddie Gray.

It's hard to say what action should have been taken place though. If the men and women we elect into office end up getting bought, what do we do? All I know is that this can't be sustained . And that eventually people will get fed up with the corruption.

As a society we would rather turn our back to our problems rather than face them. 

 Olivia Tope modeling for me. 

Olivia Tope modeling for me.