My mom told me today she reads my blogs. Kinda made me feel good to know that people enjoy the content that I put out on the web. Since I've started blogging I've realized my thoughts are a lot clearer precise. 


Today I want to talk about living and stress. I've been fortunate to make plenty of memories throughout the years.  But as you grow up everyone moves on with their own lives and their own goals. Since I've started college a year ago I've lost contact with a lot of the people that I had gone to high school with. My best friend Devin is in fact the only person I still keep in contact from Middle school. 

For the most part everybody else is busy with their own lives and yet I'm glad I've been able to keep my friendship with him. It's crazy. Growing up you hear all about missing high school and I never really understood why. I thought school and missing couldn't be in the same sentence, but now I realize that it wasn't the school you missed. Yeah nobody misses the school. But it's the friendships and bonds you make in that amount of time that makes you miss it.  

I moved to my high school at the end of my 8th grade year. I didn't want to move. I didn't want to be forced with the change and trying to become friends with complete strangers. But I learned to accept the change and I loved it. I've learned to appreciate change. Because I think that as humans we get into a routine and don't want to break out of our comfort zones. But if we don't then we never grow as a person. As so I'm glad I was able to grow and spore sure change. It may seem like the worst possible thing for you at the time like I did, but it's all about your outlook and how you react to it. And that's what I learned.


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