Love hurts. Love brings happiness. Love is standing out in the pouring rain just so you can make someone smile. Sorry I had to put a Maroon 5 reference somewhere in my blogs. Love is the act of doing something just so you could see someone be happy for a while. At least that's what I think love is. 


However I think that this generation that I had the luck of being born into (Sarcasm costs $0.00 to use so I might as well use it) doesn't know how to treat their significant others. It's not really their fault though.  Our society has become one that you have to play or get played.

From my own experience this honestly sucks. In fact I have been played by girls multiple times. Especially when I was a teenager. Girls can very heartless. But I don't really mean to discriminate because is guys can be as well. I feel like it's an endless cycle that can't be undone. A sweet guy gets played by a heartless girl and that guy becomes heartless and does the same to a sweet girl. The cycle continues from there. It's pretty sad actually because it makes finding anybody decent a hard task.

Even the phrase "I love you", has lost meaning. It now means "I think you're awesome, but I don't actually have feelings for you", between friends of course. I've always hated when teens would say that. But now I find myself doing it. I find it funny that the things you hate you eventually become or end up doing.


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