Moving Forward

I think we all have those days or weeks in our life's when everything seems to be going downhill. And it's easy to think that things will never get better. For me I've come to a simple solution. One that kinda seems silly because frankly it's so obvious.


Get away from all your technology and go walking on a trail or hiking.  

A taste of fresh air is normally all it takes to regather your thoughts and decide your best plan of action. At least that's how it is for me in my case. Except the mosquitos may irritate you, but besides that there aren't many negatives to just getting away from it all.

I think that we get lost in the way the world should be and get let down when our expectations fail to follow through with our desires. It's easy for any one of us to start snowballing and allowing everything to bring us down. Maybe a hike isn't for you. Maybe it's driving in your car listening to your favorite song with the windows down. Whatever it may be, just remember all is not lost, no matter how hard things seem to be.



 Took this with my iPhone 5s on one of the trails near my house. 

Took this with my iPhone 5s on one of the trails near my house.