Online Interactions

When it has come to my last couple girlfriends, I met them all on the Internet before eventually meeting them. Of course every time I meet somebody in person for the first time it's extremely nerve racking for me. My heart rate increases and so does my anxiety. Not always because I'm just meeting them, but because I've had a couple bad situations in the past.

And I think that's completely normal. When I was younger and these bad things happened to me I felt like the world was ending but I've learned to appreciate the bad things that happen. Somehow. Someway, there's always a positive that comes out of it. Sometimes it just may be a little difficult to find.  


And the crazy thing is I'm not the only one who meets people online. And it's very frightening because you never know what to expect. In fact I feel as if you're putting all your trust and hope that it will work out perfect. I've been lucky that it has worked as much as it has for me. But there would be no good without some bad. 


Bad events I feel make us stronger, sometimes they make us numb to certain situations but it's just so we're safer in the long run. You really learn to appreciate the good things when they take a turn for the worst but I think what is the most important thing to remember is that you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.


Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great Memorial Day for those in the United States. 

 My girlfriend, Sienna. 

My girlfriend, Sienna.