Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

I read on Facebook the other day that one of my friends had an complicated situation with one of her friends. My friend, Danielle, was being judged based on her appearance. Her friends mother didn't like Danielle because she has tattoos and piercings.

And I thought that was kinda messed up.

But that's not all that has happened regarding people judging others based on what they appear to be.


Just a while ago my girlfriend, Sienna, had texted me telling about how the people she was sitting by at the time were making fun of this girl who had metal around her neck. It angered her to the point that she went and sat beside the girl with metal around her neck and talked to her. It turns out that metal was because she got first in the state for Taekwondo. 

Chances are they had no idea that it was for that, but instead of asking and being proud or congratulating her, they sat and just made fun of her.


Are we really at that point in society?  

I know people with tattoos that are more morally good than some of those that go to church every Sunday.  

I just can't help but be upset with the world the way it is. I'm no saint, I've judged as well. But I also love getting to know somebody new and hearing their stories. 

We can't judge a person's life experiences based on how our eyes perceive them to be.  We should all work on this to make the world a better place. One step at a time.