Time is scary. We think we have so much of it yet we don't. We don't know when we will die.  And we have no control over how fast time goes, all we do get to decide is what we do with our time. Most of us spend most of our lives chasing money. But is only a construction of the human mind. Money is only something we think we need and it controls all of our behavior as soon as we are born. It's terrifying once you think about how we all dedicate our time to something that we created and is just a green piece of paper. 

This green piece of paper brings happiness to some and sadness to others.  We let our most precious gift, time, disappear because of it. Our time is limited on Earth and we all don't have an idea of when our last minute on it will be and I hate how how our society allows itself to be controlled by money.  So many great things could be created if we didn't have to stress about how much money we have in the bank. We could spend time with loved ones and figure out ways to make the world a better place instead of creating war over who has more money. It's not worth it.

When I have kids I want to be able to spend time with them, not work my life away in a job that won't appreciate the time I'm putting into it. I want to be able to spend time with my significant other and make memories with them that they won't forget. I don't want to work my life away around people who will be gone when a better opportunity comes by. I want to grow and be able to live my life and make others happy. 

At twenty one years old I've only started to find out how fast it really goes. Each year seems to go faster than the last and I find myself losing track of the months of the year. I want the months and the days within them to mean something. I've quit habits such as watching tv as often because I feel like I'm throwing my time down the drain. I value my time and I think others should too. I think you'll regret it in the long run if you don't.