Success is always a joint effort. It's hard to succeed without some help from an outside party. There is no I in team. This can be applied to all aspects of life. Work, relationships, or sports. Teamwork is essential for one to succeed.  

Success could mean anything though. It could mean winning a championship or making your significant other happy. Without teamwork there would only be one person working for one of these dreams, these goals you might call them.  

Relationships are where I've dedicated most of my time during my early adult life. Trying to make my significant others happy and hoping that in the process it would make me happy. There's something special about making the one you love smile that is so addicting to me. However without teamwork the relationship is most likely to go up in flames. In my experience I've been on two sides of the teamwork table. At some points I was the only one putting in effort and at other times I put in so much effort and I was tired of getting nothing out of it that I eventually gave up. Normally my tolerance for giving up is extremely high but I felt used. Abused in the sense that I was giving so much that they had began to expect what I had done for them and stopped doing things for me. Both sides of the table are painful. On one you feel abused. The other you feel guilty for not trying enough. 

But having gone through that made me better for the relationships after. I knew not all people would appreciate what I was doing for them and I'll gladly shoe them the door. Harsh you might say but we all deserve to be appreciated especially by the ones who say they love us. It's scary to me how somebody can say something and yet their actions can prove something different entirely.  

We all deserve to find somebody who will try even when times get hard. Whether that's for a trophy or for making your relationship last. We need to realize what we deserve as people and begin to understand that just because somebody else is getting treated poorly it doesn't mean you deserve the same treatment. We all deserve to be happy. To share the happiness with others and feel good when you make the one you love smile.


Life is to short to be anything but happy and appreciated.  

 Appreciate others and what they do for you. It'll be paradise for both of you if you both put the time into it. 

Appreciate others and what they do for you. It'll be paradise for both of you if you both put the time into it.