I don't want to be like the rest. I don't want to live my life and worry about what comes next and pleasing other people. I want to enjoy my life to the fullest that I possibly can. I want to live. 


Those are just some of the thoughts that occur to me during the hours of each day. I wonder where I'm going and what I could do better to make not only myself better but the world better. I feel like people get caught up in bills and what others think that they don't actually get to think in a creative way or way that they would allow themselves to pursue their dreams. It upsets me that people don't allow themselves to see the potential that they offer to the world.


Recently I went to my girlfriend's belly dance performance at the Akron Rubber ducks game. Her mom is a professional belly dancer and teaches classes at her studio near Canton. Honestly I didn't know of anybody around where I live that taught it or preformed it. It was an eye opening experience when I found out that my girlfriend, Sienna, and her mom did it. Belly dancing? Yes belly dancing. The ancient art. It's interesting and amazing how we keep art like that around in our ever expanding technological world. I mean I'm typing this on a small illuminated screen and have the possibility to share it with whoever stumbled across my website. It's absolutely crazy. I could only imagine trying to explain our world now to somebody who was alive one hundred years ago.  Fascinating is all I can say, but I digress. 

Art fascinates me. I love knowing what motivates people and what creative ideas people can come up with. I love to share ideas. It's why I came up with this blog really in the first place. To share my ideas and my life with those who would like to know they aren't alone. Nobody wants to be alone. In fact it's a fear of mine that I will die alone. I just want to make enough of an impact on those near me that I live on in a sense. What kind of impact? Well a positive one.  I want people to realize the potential they have within themselves and inspire others to conquer their fears and chase their dreams.  We just all get so caught up in life we forget what we want to be and achieve unless we make it our goal and remind ourselves every day. I may be giving this advice but I know myself that I need to improve things on my own behalf. I constantly want to improve myself.


That's why I'm proud of my girlfriend. She has conquered her fears and became confident through belly dancing in front of a large amount of people. I'm honestly envious of how much self confidence she has at her age. I'm proud of everybody who tries something new and gives it their all. Even if it didn't work out the way you wanted you still learned something and honestly every little bit helps make you a better person. Better people make a better world and that's all on us. I'm proud of you.



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I also can't seem to get this guy's songs out of my head so if you want to check out what I was listening to as I wrote this, check out the link below!




 Mariah's Bellydance performers at the Rubber Ducks game! 

Mariah's Bellydance performers at the Rubber Ducks game!