Achieving Your Dream


Ah, a blog post about achieving your dreams. It was really a matter of time until one of these happened, but I figured that now was the best time for it.  


Working out, you either love it or hate it. But even if you are one of those that hate it you can't ignore all the positive health benefits it provides.  


Since last year I've been working out multiple times during the week and as of recently more with each passing week. I just can't help but not get enough of it. I'm addicted to the endorphins that run their course through my body after each exercise. Originally I was one of those people that hated to excercise. It was hard and tedious and I felt as if I didn't need it.  

I can't say that anymore though. If I were to go a week without it I would feel deprived and disappointed with myself. See, I have a mental goal of what I want my body to look like by the end of all this and I'm completely dedicated to achieving this goal. So here's some of my advice to making yourself set to achieving a goal of yours. Whether it's for the perfect body or something else you desire to have.


 1Have a Mental Image of What You Want

Listen I know you have something you want. In fact we all do. It's human nature to constantly want something new or better. So we might as well use that desire to benefit us.  


Every day you need to show yourself a photo or visualize what you desire. Honestly if I were you I would do it every morning so that you can focus on that image for the rest of the day. It'll help you when you want to give up if you have that mental image of what you're putting all this hard work in for. You need to push yourself the extra mile to achieve the end goal, the image that you have implanted in your head. For me, that's working out harder and longer each day to achieve the results that I want and if you really want it, you're going to have to do the same. 


2. Work At It Constantly 

You're going to have to work at this goal constantly. If you can't do it every day, dedicate some time for it at least a couple times a week. If I can't work out one day I'm back at it the next day I have time. I'm relentless in trying to obtain what I want and if you want that image you're going to have to be relentless too.  


3. Don't Wear Yourself Out

Now while I may have said that if I don't have time one day I'll be back at trying the next day I realize that I'm no good if I'm completely worn out and you won't be either. Take time to relax and enjoy your free time. Take this time to recalculate what you really desire and how you will go about trying to obtain it.  

Fixating on your dream will be the key to success. When you think you're done go that extra mile but make sure you have enough energy to do so. I want to become the best version of myself I possibly can. And while this may be really simple advice it will help you make your dreams a reality. 


As always thank you for reading! Comments are always appreciated. 



-Tyler  U