Love For All 50 States


One day you start to feel an attraction to somebody you hang out with constantly. Soon that person becomes consumes your mind and all your thoughts. You want to be with that person constantly. It's almost like a drug. This drug sensation you are feeling, that's called love and now for the first time in history we no longer have to refer "gay marriage" as "gay marriage". We can just call it marriage. 

Personally I've always believed that those who love each other should always be together regardless of the race or gender that they were fated with being. We all deserve to feel that love and compassion by somebody we hold dear to us. We all crave having somebody who understands us and that should never be limited to  what you born into being. We're all humans. We're all trying to make our way in this world and be happy. So why interfere with somebody's happiness? 


Love is something we all yearn to have. Whether it lasts or not is another story. But what matters now is that legally we all can have it. The Goverment actually did something that regards to this day and age for once. 

Today was a big step in changing the way the world thinks and what is acceptable. I'm happy to finally see something on my newsfeed that shows progress rather than something about Kim Kardashian. I realize this is a short blog but I just wanted to voice my opinions and get it out there. #Lovewins