The Present


I didn't really like writing when I was school. So it's funny that you're reading this right now. I've been wanting to start a blog for probably about a year now but I had zero motivation to start it.

"Maybe today I'll make a website and start writing!". But that day never came until a couple months ago.

I think the reason I didn't like it so much in school was because we were being graded on it. Grades I feel don't really reflect the intelligence of the individual very well.  It's a nice concept but having graduated I feel that it's a very flawed system. I believe that I've learned a lot more by just being out of high school than I have in the four years I resided there. Experience in life has been more useful than all my years in school. 

Honestly it takes an event to happen to you for you really learn from it. You always hear about what you should and shouldn't do from those who are older than you but most of the time in goes in one ear and out the other. It's only when it personally impacts you that you truly learn anything.

Writing for me has become a release for my emotions and thoughts. It helps clear my mind and process my every day life more throuoghly.


Lately I've been constantly thinking about what I can be doing now to improve my life for the future.  I never liked that people considered school your only way to make a lot of money or be successful in life. Part of me gets sad when you they say. As having money is the only way to be happy or successful. I would go off on a tangent but that's a discussion for another day. I digress. School is important, but it's not everything. The friendships you make and the experiences you go through as those twelve years past help you establish the foundation of which you construct your life. I heard from my dad I believe that based on the people you associate with you can be successful or a failure. And honestly I truly believe that now that I'm in my early twenties. We need to all associate ourselves with people with the mindset and dreams that we do as well. It is only then that we can begin to pursue those dreams and become what we truly desire. Successful. 


I think everyone wants to be successful. It's a dream shared by all but it all comes down to you to define what it means to yourself.