I think we have all gone through a period of time that we didn't enjoy life completely. A time when good times we're the farthest thing from our minds. 

As I've grown I've realized that you're always going to have some bad times in life. It doesn't matter how good things are there will always be a bump in the road eventually. But the key is to not allow it to completely knock you off the road. Instead you must understand that it is merely a bump and that in the grand scheme of things it can't bring you down unless you give it the power to.  When I made the transition to high school I knew of no one and no one knew me. It was a time of despair and I was forced to deal with my thoughts constantly. Thankfully I grew out of that time, also known as puberty. (You know I didn't fully understand why everybody hated it when I was younger but after going through it I understand the hell that it was.) 


As bad as it was, it was better than being an adult in my opinion. Responblities and deductions galore and the craving to be a kid again never quite goes away.  

I took some photos of my friend Morgan yesterday and as I was these two little boys came up and talked to us. After a while they went back to play on the slide that was located near us and proceeded to pretend as if they were falling and needed help from each other. It was adorable quite frankly and I remember doing something like that when I was a boy too. I became envious in that point in time because they had not a care in the world besides the pretend ones that they chose to make.

Maybe that's why I enjoy Disney movies so much. I feel like I escape from reality for a while and get consumed by the fictional world where everything works out and is perfect. 

But adult life doesn't have to be as complicated as people choose to make it. By going with the current rather than against it we can eliminate a large number of problems that choose to arise because of a simple number we can't escape. For a while now I have been "going with the flow" and honestly things have been better for me because of it. By understanding that some things will just be.

I believe we choose our path in life and I'm choosing a positive one. A positive mind will result in a positive life. At least that's what I read on Twitter.  So I'll just be hoping for the best until then.







 My friend, Morgan, who modeled for photos yesterday! 

My friend, Morgan, who modeled for photos yesterday!