I want more and you should too. More of what you ask? Everything. Regardless of what we have in the present we should always want more for ourselves. 


More can mean anything. You could want to see your family more. Better yourself more. Make more money.  Make others happy more.  

As important as it is to make others happy, you should always come first. If you're not happy then the people around you will most likely suffer to. 

I've noticed its human nature for us to want more, even when we should appreciate everything we are receiving or have. I believe that wanting more of the wrong things will result in you most likely being unhappy. It's easy to be walked on for being nice to others and giving them more. Also I am sorry for saying more so often is this blog but I'm trying to convey a point but I digress. You are always important so even though at times you may feel guilty for spending more on yourself than others, you need to understand that you deserve it. 


Give yourself more credit when you achieve something great. Appreciate yourself and others around you more and you will receive the same in return.  But like I said it is easy to find yourself being walked on if you do it too often. I have found that people will take advantage of nice people. I know this first hand because I was one of those nice people who always gave to others and not myself. Eventually I became fed up and stopped allowing myself to be walked on. Personally I think that is what has to happen in cases when the person is too nice to people. They need to realize that they are being used because they are allowing themselves to be. People that truly appreciate you, will not use you. And sometimes you have to be a jerk about it to make people realize just how much you actually do for them.


This is all from experience too. I never understood how much talks from experience would mean to me until the event actually happened to me. You always hear your parents or grandparents talk about not doing something but you don't really understand it until it happens to you.  


But I keep digressing. Bottom line is that if you are one of these nice people that get walked on then put some thorns up and stand your ground. Make people appreciate you. And you'll be happier for it.  




 Check out our new photos in our photography section! 

Check out our new photos in our photography section!