Emotions have such an important factor into what makes us who we are.

Monday night I went to see the movie Inside Out with my girlfriend. It was adorable movie and I enjoyed it thoroughly. In the movie there are five different emotions in control of a little girl. Actually in the world of Inside Out every human has these emotions. Anger, Happiness, Disgust, Fear and last but not least Sadness. I'm not going to get into too many details, because I've always hated when people ruin movies for me. Nevertheless it was a great movie and it made me realize how much our emotions control us. We are made up of the memories and emotions we have felt during those memories. They create the foundation upon our personality is built. It's the reason why the person you look at in the mirror is you.

Our best memories occur after the hardest times in our lives.  It's almost as if happiness and sadness are in a concert with sadness playing first. Happiness comes shortly after and makes everything better. Anger creates the drive behind us getting things done. Sadness allows us to feel empathy for those going through a hard time and disgust warns us from things that may be harmful to us. All of our emotions are essential for each other. 

Growing up I always played a lot of video games. I formed an emotional bond with a lot of them and as of late I've started playing video games again. I branched away from them for a while there. I think it was because my life is so busy or maybe because I thought they were a waste of time. But they really aren't. I've learned a lot of lessons just from video games. Hell when I was little I learned how to read because of the game "Paper Mario" on the Nintendo 64. I really wasn't interested in the material that normally teaches kids how to read, but video games helped breach the gap between interest and learning. I owe the creators of video games. For they created the childhood that I look back and love. 

In the comments below I would love to hear what made your child hood so memorable. I always love hearing what makes a person who they are. We're all so different and I love that about humans. Sharing experiences helps us all grow, at least I think so.