Metal City


Look at the person next to you. They have memories and aspirations bouncing around in their minds. Each person you see has issues and dreams that they have created or have to deal with since they were a baby. 

Now imagine yourself in a heavy populated area. Let's just say you're in New York City. It's absolutely crazy there with people all around you constantly. In fact you may pass a famous person in the crowd and never even know it. Looking up all you can see is the reflection of the buildings around you bouncing off the metal towers. Now that we have that bouncing around in your brain think about how each of those people that are walking around you. Every sidewalk you look at is consumed with humans that you most likely never see again. But they all have a family and friends. People they love and people that they hate and it's mind blowing to me because we all seem to forget about how we all have things that we care about and have had problems. The person sitting beside you could have their loved one sitting in the hospital bed giving their last breath and you would have no clue.

We're a judgemental society and so we would rather judge our fellow man rather than get to know them and I find that very sad. We all judge too, even those who say they don't. We all have flaws. Nobody is perfect no matter how hard they try. And if they are then they are fake. At least that's what I've learned. 


I've been to the artificial city a couple times now. Each time it's a little than before. It's not someplace I would live though. Too high strung for me and I'm one that enjoys the simple easy things in life. I enjoy nature, not what man has created. I believe that man is capable of creating beautiful things but nothing will ever beat what is Earth. No, my heart lies in a house in the middle of nowhere far from civilization. That's where I'll be the happiest.