Will humanity ever be happy? I believe the answer is no. No matter how great something seems to be. No matter how beautiful it is, we will always find a flaw. Scrolling through my Facebook it's hard to find a genuinely happy person. There always seems to be something wrong. Something that could be improved. I find myself even realizing that I look for things that could be better despite the fact everything in my life at the moment is going well.

Some of this of course is laziness, but that only solves the problems that we refuse to fix because we can't get off our couches and do something about it. We believe that if it doesn't impact us directly then we don't need to do something about it. It seems like as humans we don't really understand anything until it becomes it personal. When it becomes an issue that is personal then we take action and I guess if I had to choose one of the traits that I dislike about humanity that would be up there. But I'm not one to talk. I'm one of you. You're one of me. Whether we like our neighbor or not we are one in the same. Carrying the same biological code as the other. I just refuse to believe humanity is a lost cause.

As I grow older I'm starting to understand why so many people think we won't lost as a species. We're ignorant. We're dumb. We think we understand it all when we don't understand squat. There's times in my life that I will continue to say the wrong information until I'm proven wrong and even then I don't want to believe I'm wrong. I like to think I'm right regardless of the facts piling up around me. That may just be my personality though. 

I wish I could be happy with what I have. I wish we all could be happy with what we have. Lately so many thoughts go through my mind on a daily basis that it's hard to put them on paper. I've realized I don't enjoy being an adult. Wishing my life away for more privileges was a mistake. I miss the simple days where I could play with Lego's all day and build massive cities. The problem that would directly impact me would be where did I get this bruise or I need to watch out for bee's nests. Now it's "Do I have enough money?", "Will I regret eating this Taco Bell later?", "When are my exams I need to get good grades?". As an adult we are so stressed out that I understand now why people die of heart attacks. While my examples may have been somewhat silly, it's important to note that everything as an adult revolves around money. I hate money. It controls us. While I do hate money I can't come up with a solution that would take away all the pain and suffering that it causes. Trading won't work and clearly greed comes with money. Maybe somebody can come up with a solution. But here I go talking about problems again. Proving once again that no matter how good something it is, we will always look for a problem and solution. 

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