We're slaves to our tiny illuminated screens. Don't get me wrong I love my cell phone. I can get in contact with anyone around the world or just text my friends and see if they wish to hang out later. I can take photos of my favorite band or listen to them through my car stereo. In fact it's amazing what we can do with our cell phones, but at the same time they are destroying our humanity. 

A couple days ago I was at my friends's house. We sat in the living room, all six of us and just chatted. Eventually when the conversation had died down I looked up from my phone and realized how everyone had theirs out also. Most likely simultaneously talking to other people or just pretending that they were to avoid the awkwardness.

But would it have been awkward if we didn't have cell phones? It's hard to say. Since I was about thirteen years old I have had a cellular device. I couldn't wait to get it and now in 2015 everyone has one for the most part. Chances are you are reading this on your cell phone. That's how dependent we are on it. I rarely use a computer because my phone does everything I would need to do on a computer. It's crazy. Now what's so bad about it Tyler? How is it destroying when you just keep talking about all the things you can do on it?

I'll tell you.


While it has expanded social interaction with people around the world, we literally have become slaves to our phones. Having a conversation in person is rarely not interrupted with one of the parties looking at their cell phone or smart watch. Technology has actually devolved us when it comes to social skills. In fact every time my phone dies I feel like I'm going crazy. What if someone tries to get ahold of me and can't? And nine times out of ten nobody was. I was just worrying for no apparent reason.

I've become dependent on gps. If someone told me the street to get to somebody's house I would end up lost without my phone. It's sad. Yet this is the world that we are living in. Children are growing up with all this technology and they are lazy because we can do so much on our cell phones but without it we can do nothing now. Calculators are also evidence of this. No need to learn simple math because we can just plug anything into one and come out with the answer.  

The first step in fixing an issue is realizing there is one. I think that if parents didn't let their kids have iPads or cell phones when they are young they won't become so dependent on them. Because frankly nobody wants to sit in a room where everyone is starting at their cell phone. I mean, do you?



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