No I'm not writing about demons or the paranormal. Instead I'm going to be talking about another kind of demon, one that we all have been guilty of for the most part. When it comes to dating a lot of people think that their significant other is only theirs and while we would like this to be true, it's not. As human beings we all have the freedom to talk to whoever we want and do whatever we want. (If it's morally right, that is.) From personal experience I've realized that calling my significant other mine has caused issues. I'll give you an example. 

When you have a pet you have ownership of it. You tell it to sit and you expect it to sit. If it doesn't then you get angry. Relationships are similar to this when ownership becomes prominant. If you tell your loved one not to talk to someone and they don't stop then you get angry. The right way to fix a problem like that would be to express your feelings to your loved one and if they respect you then they will listen, but telling them what to  do and getting angry when they fail to do so is not the mature way. We need to understand that just because we are dating someone doesn't mean we can order them to do what we want. They aren't a pet, they are a human like us.


Too often do I see photos like this: 


In fact I'm guilty of this. Years ago I made a shirt with one of my ex's similar to that, but since then I've grown and I've realized it was immature. In a healthy relationship you shouldn't have to question the other person's actions because you trust them and respect them,  but this isn't a perfect world by far. Understand that people make mistakes. We're all trying to learn the best we can and should be forgiven.  Cheating not so much, but most issues in relationships can be resolved with simply some respect and communication. Where there is a lack of communication assumptions are made and assumptions lead to problems that most of the time don't even exist. 

I'm no relationship expert. I haven't studied the behavior of humans for years in classrooms, but I've done something better than that. I've lived. I know that people change. Your life will change. And I've found that what is most important is to realize your happiness comes first and if you're not happy with how you are being treated remember that there are seven billion people on Earth. Some one is bound to fall in love with you.  


As always, thanks for reading.