Is Humanity Lost?


It's rare to find someone that you can have an intellectual conversation with. There's something reassuring about bouncing your ideas off another human's mind that feels my soul with joy.

In my line of work I get to meet new people that I've never been around and for maybe an hour or so I get to be a part of their lives and learn about who they are as a person. I'll be honest, driving to meet the people I take pictures of is nerve racking. I never quite know how my personality will react with theirs and if I'll be able to work my magic when it comes to taking their photos. So far so good though. I guess the dating game is similar to that in the nervous sense. When it comes to that I haven't been so lucky. There were some dates when I knew in my mind that I didn't want to hang out with this person again. I think we've all had a moment like that. A lot of the people I've been around like to be loud and party. 

That's never been me. I enjoy getting lost to slow piano music and walking through the woods without a care in the world. I actually was listening to some on my way home from work.

I love coming home from work on summer nights. The sun hasn't quite set completely and the twilight begins to take over the sky. It's moments like those that you really understand how much your problems in your life aren't such a big deal. All of our lives could end tomorrow and we're here stressing out about what outfit we should wear or if our bills will get paid. We're silly for worrying over some minuscule things, but yet they consume most of our time.  We should be trying to make the world a better place, but the quest for money has us all stressing. 

I think there are some wrong ways to relieve stress or to have fun. For instance killing endangered animals. If you haven't heard, a dentist recently spent a fair share of his money to kill a lion. This lion was a favorite among the locals and tourists alike. Cecil the lion was his name, and he was skinned and beheaded for sport. My Facebook was consumed by outraged people talking about how the dentist should be skinned and beheaded. It made me happy to see that people were so upset to hear about this, because I was too. But what made me upset is that I started thinking about how those who commented on those posts will forget about this a month from now. We live in a generation where we will just leave a comment on something and believe that was good enough, but it's not. It's times like these that make me wonder about us humans. I see that people care, yet they won't take action.  So below I'm going to leave a link to Oxford's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit who was tracking Cecil and found him. Perhaps we can all make a difference so that this wonderful creature didn't have to die in vain.


As always, thank you for reading.