It's weird to think about is how different yet similar to people all around us. At least I find myself thinking about these peculiar ideas. I feel as if a lot of people think about what I write on here, but never choose to say what they think because they will get judged. 

What makes us different from each other that we can all notice is our personality. I believe that what really forms a person's personality is the memories that are the most dominant of their childhood. Essentially nobody will ever be the same person because everyone experiences events differently in their mind with an alternate viewpoint on it. But then there's your caretakers. The ones that were with you since your beginning on this spinning ball of dirt. Whether that was your parents or someone else, chances are you the most like them. 

You are you and there will never be another you. We're all beautiful with our flaws and talents. There is good in every bad thing that exists. Recently Shane Dawson, a famous Youtuber, came out saying that he was bisexual. I used to watch him years ago and I really enjoyed his passion for his videos. It made me think that we all bring something different into the world as we grow up and mature. I digress though, he made a fifteen minute video saying how he repressed his feelings for the same sex for the fear that he would be judged by his family and his audience on YouTube. I give him a lot of respect for coming out on YouTube. You can't help who you are and nobody should ever have to feel ashamed for how they truly feel about anything. He talked about how it impacted his last relationship and how she was still understanding after all of it. 

I think people need to realize in relationships is that we are never owned, however it's simply our turn to treat them good or bad. I've been fortunate enough to have more good relationships than bad, but I think that comes down to what I think is the right way to be treated. We all accept the love we think we deserve. You can call it luck or fate but I believe we choose the path that we think we deserve to be on and who we walk with. Nobody is going to be the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend. Nobody is perfect in fact. If they are. well they are lying. We all have flaws and all are beautiful in our ways. Sometimes we just need to look closer to find them.