3 Tips for Back to School

When I was younger going school shopping for clothing and supplies would always make me happy. However when it came to going back to school I compared it to a prison.  Alright maybe it's not exactly a prison, but at times I had felt like it was. Especially when it came to lunch food. Some of that I wouldn't feed to my pets, let alone a human being. While I did compare it to a prison it did have a lot of good memories and it created the foundation for who I am today, but before I start to digress too much, here's 3 Tips For Heading Back to School.

1. It'll Go By Faster Than You Think

I graduated from high school two years ago and honestly I miss it. It's crazy how much you realize you like something after you are no longer forced to deal with it constantly. Prom and the dances seem silly, but honestly it's great to have to look back on. Sports and those annoying kids in class you start to miss after you graduate.   It's sad though, I only talk to a few people I went to high school with. Everyone went to different schools for the most part. During high school I always heard about how everybody goes their separate ways and now to finally see it coming true. 

2. Real Friends Are Worth More

Going through school I only had a few friends. A lot of people knew me, but I normally kept to myself. I felt like trying to impress people was exhausting so I never really tried to. If you liked me then you liked me. As I've grown up there I've realized that these people I called friends in High School were just people I could pass time with. These friendships meant nothing outside those classroom doors. Keep the friends of yours that stay true to their word. They will stay around long after you're graduated. 

3. Be Yourself

Growing up is bittersweet that's for sure, bur  I feel like I'm always going to be a kid at heart. I think that it's important to be yourself through school. Sure you might get judged, but keeping who you are is worth more than the comments that people can say to bring you down. In fact even if you are a popular kid, kids will still try to tear you down. So you may as well do what makes you happy. 

Life is too short to be unhappy. I promise you that if you remember these three simple tips life will be a little bit easier and if you're not going back to school I think it's still important to remember.

I go back the 31st of this month. Last year I met a friend of mind in the business classes I took and I recently took photos of her! Below I will have some of the pictures I took! Let me know what you think in the comments below! And as always thanks for reading!