How To Have A Successful Relationship


Sadly when you are born there is no book that you can read that has all the answers to life. Everything is a learning process for each of us. Now it may seem like common sense what I'm about to tell you, but I learned that common sense actually isn't that common. They should most likely name it something else, because of how rare it actually is. Below you will find my advice for how to have a successful relationship in this day and age. *Results may Vary

1. Don't Punish Future Relationships

Now I put this first because I'm guilty of it. I didn't trust my partner completely because of the actions of the girl I was with prior. This completely damaged the relationship I was in and I can't stress enough how much not to do this. 

It can be hard if your ex had cheated on you or abused you, but you have to remember that no every person is the same.  So try your best to not make the person in your future relationship suffer because you had a bad experience. Talk to them and express your feelings and if they truly care then they will understand. 

2. Never Stop Trying New Things

Go to parks, go swimming in the ocean, try sky diving together. If you're constantly "Netflix and chilling" things will get boring. Spice up your dating life with a new restaurant or a new city. You'll both appreciate the change of pace. 

3. Communicate  

It's as simple as texting each other every day, even every couple hours is okay.  A phone call a day will keep the worry away. If something bothers you make sure that you tell your significant other so that they can fix it. Don't allow yourself to catch the attention of another guy/girl because they do what your lover doesn't. Sure it might cause a fight, but you can't have a relationship without one of those.  



Now I'm not saying that these are all the tips to a successful relationship, but these are what I'm come across as the ones that affected me the most. I would hate to see some one go through the same as me so I want to prevent it in any way I can. 

Like I said there is no instruction booklet to life. It's all about what you experience. Dating can be difficult and sometimes things don't work out. Just give it your all and hope for the best, but most importantly be happy. Your happiness comes first, because if you're not happy, they won't be either. Do what you can with what you have and everything will work out.