Pleasing Everyone


I've realized you just can't do it. In fact if your first priority waking up every morning to make other people happy you will never be happy yourself. Over the years of dealing with society and recently people in retail, I understand now why people always say this. My dating life has shown me that while the happiness of your significant other is important, it's not always what you should put first. You need to put yourself and what's best for you first. If you spend all your time giving yourself away, what's left for yourself? 

I've learned a lot from people by working a retail job. I work at a Shoe Dept in a small town in Ohio so it can be quite interesting at times. First off the person who said, "The customer is always right", must have had a lot of patience, because there are times when my coworkers and I want to say how wrong they are, but because of that lovely phrase, we refrain. It's hard sometimes, but we pull through. This last week was a doozy since our boss was on vacation, but honestly it was lovely to have such great coworkers surrounding me so thanks for those who read this! Sometimes I'm fortunate enough to have some intellectual conversations with my coworkers. I had one today actually involving parenting. Now I'm not a parent so this isn't from personal experience, but rather an observation. My coworker brought up the fact that parents that are more strict with their children have more rebellious actions. As a mom she said that since she was less strict they didn't have to rebel and allow themselves to get into trouble. I can understand where she was coming from considering my parents allow me to do whatever I want but with some rules. I think that some order is necessary to insure that we don't have kids roaming the street naked with blow torches. An exaggeration but the message lies within.

I'm not a parent so it's hard to speak from any experience besides me being raised by my mom. So I would love to hear your opinion on the matter. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think is better. I choose the middle road.  What about you? 


Thanks for reading!