The Truth Is


Nothing is permanent.


Another day. Another Facebook status about how people should be treated. This status was by a girl with a lot of talent and has a lot of wisdom for her age. She says the truth in a lot of her posts regardless of if people want to hear it or not. I respect that. I respect the truth. Sometimes it hurts a bit more than what we expected, but I think the truth saves more pain in the long run.  I love people who are real and sadly it's hard to find these people anymore. People strive so hard to be "perfect" and the truth is, nobody is. The truth is people lie. People try to be someone they are not. The truth is we'd like everything to be perfect but we live in an imperfect world where we all have flaws and yet it seems like everybody forgets that. 

When it it comes to relationships we need to understand that it itself is not permanent. We want forever. We want security so that we can be happy knowing that we have somebody to hold us when we have a bad day. But I think the media can be misleading and cause people to expect more from each other because of it. The truth is no girl wants a Romeo. They want a man who will be a jerk to them, but at the end of the day will be there to show them affection and security.  The truth is your significant other could have just sent nudes to some person and you'd never know. It's pure trust that we put into another human being in the hope that they don't hurt us.  

For the relationships that ended badly and caused plenty of pain, it can be hard to mend those wounds for the next person. In fact I was hurt badly before and it damaged some of my future relationships.  With time and a patient partner all can be fixed like my pain was. I think it made me stronger to deal with such bad events in my life and I'm glad they happened now. I know what I'm worth now. I think that was one of the most important realizations that I have had since I've entered my 20's. We're all going to deal with pain. We all want things to stay the same forever but it's change and pain that makes us better humans so that we can spread the word like I am to those who need it. Thankfully problems are not permanent either and whatever you're dealing with, whatever you are struggling through, it will eventually end and you'll be a better person for it.


As always I thank you for reading my blog and I hope to see you again in a couple days!