Twenty two years ago around midnight I was born. Before I was born the doctors had told my mom that I was going to be "special" and that she should abort me as that would be the easier route for her.  My mom, in net 40's,  obviously didn't listen to what the doctor ordered and here I am now. I almost never existed and that blows my mind.  In my life I've seen a lot of negative events and  one would probably argue that  it would have been better to not be conceived because of how awful life can be, and I would argue back that there's more beautiful in life than ugly.

I was inspired to write this earlier today when my girlfriend was leaving to go home. She got out of my car and I looked her in the eyes and it was one of those moments where you felt nothing but bliss.  A moment that you could say, "I could lose everything, but at least I got to experience that moment in my life. " 

For me my memories are the most dear possession that I can have. Losing my memories or my mind would a greater loss to me than losing a physical object. Because no matter what negativity surrounds me I will always have the memory's that made me smile or cry from happiness. People change, the world chsnges, but those happy memories you experienced won't disappear  and that's something I'll always be happy about. 

Your life could be positive or it could be negative, it all depends on what you focus on. For me I focus on the positive events and that's what makes me who I am.