Feburary Photoshoots & Adventures

It's crazy how fast months can go by, especially when you're busy. Since I last updated my blog, I've taken some really good photos that I would love to share with my readers.  For the most part Ohio hasn't received as much snow as the last couple years. Which I don't mind since I spend about a couple hours in my car each day. It's now almost Spring and I can't wait to get outside more and take photos in the sun.

My first adventure took place a couple weeks ago when I met someone from Akron University named Hope. We traveled around the city of Akron for any cool locations to take photos. Below are some of what I captured that day. 


The next photo shoot I did was one of my girlfriend. Recently I put up a new backdrop and so of course she wanted to be my test subject.

My last adventure took place just yesterday in downtown Akron. I walked around the city taking pictures of anything that stood out to me. 

Overall it was a good month and I look forward to taking more pictures over the course of the year. 

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