My Adventure To An Abandoned Observatory

Warner and Swasey Observatory located in Cleveland, Ohio

Warner and Swasey Observatory located in Cleveland, Ohio

Over the past few years I've developed a love for exploring abandoned buildings. There is something about seeing a building in a destroyed state that gets my adrenaline pumping. My adrenaline may also be pumping because 9 times out of 10 the locations are pretty creepy. This was definitely the case for the observatory. 

Located in Cleveland, Warner and Swasey Observatory is now covered in graffiti. Some of the best I have seen. I brought my camera along, because I knew I would be amazed by some of the art and the building itself. My camera wasn't the only thing I brought along either. Lately I have been receiving a large amount of messages on Instagram from people who also love to travel to abandoned buildings. A girl named Jenna came with me and modeled in front of some of graffiti. 

We also traveled to another abandoned building that same day. It looked like a factory, but it also had a water tower on top of it. We managed to climb to the top of the building and I snapped a picture of her climbing the water tower mid way.  All the best pictures are below.

It was a wonderful time over all. If you are interested in a photoshoot or accompanying me on an adventure feel free to contact me below!