Reaching New Heights

This Summer has been very eventful for me thus far, photoshoots left and right, Pokemon have invaded our world, and I recently finished an online class for my major. Pokemon Go has taken over the lives of many people, myself included. Most likely if I'm not taking photos I'll be catching the pocket monsters with my friends. Let me know in the comments below if you have become addicted to the game your favorite Pokemon you've caught!

Anyways, like I said above I've been doing photoshoots constantly. The photo above I shot at the end of June. A lot of photographers I follow on Instagram have been to this bridge so it became my mission to climb onto it. I'll be honest it was completely terrifying, but I would probably do it again. There's something about being scared for your life that makes you feel so alive. Here are some of the pictures I took that day. 

But besides climbing bridges and surprisingly not falling off to my death to the water rushing below, I shot a wedding with my partner Justin. It was a great wedding and I'm very happy we had the honor of capturing the moment they will always look back and cherish. 

I definitely look forward to shooting more weddings in the future. Below are some of my favorites that Justin and I took that day. 

I've realized recently that no matter what aspect of life you're trying to succeed at there's always something or someone that will try to tear you down. People don't want you to succeed. They'll make noise so loud that at times it will be so hard that you'll want to give up, but you need to block out that noise and keep trying because eventually you will make it, you will succeed. For me it's succeeding at photography. I've had people tell me that I wouldn't make it. But here I am, one year from when I started and now I'm shooting weddings and models left and right.

Bottom line, keep trying, you'll make it eventually. You'll reach new heights you never thought were possible.